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Accessories don’t make the woman; it’s the woman who make the accessories. Hello, I’m Amy Cannon Cooper, designer of CANDORI. I have always desired to create a product line centered on drawing out the true light within women. A collection that women of any shape, height, size or ethnicity could wear that would go with absolutely everything in her wardrobe. So I decided to create a collection of all crystal jewelry that when worn it would complement the woman’s outer and inner beauty. CANDORI, which means bright white illuminating light, and candor, which means honesty/ trustworthiness, come together to represent the meaning within every CANDORI product. CANDORI is for the women who recognize the truth in integrity of character and the light of God within her as being her most valuable accessory. Founded in 2002, my line compiles of an array of crystal products in different textures and shapes within a neutral color pallet. This color element complements all fashion pieces as well as addresses the needs of any bride and her party. CANDORI stands by its top quality and unsurpassed design. Every piece is hand-made and not one piece is exactly alike. As a graduate from The Art Institute I went on to work first as a graphic designer, wedding coordinator, and now for the past 15 years owning my own business as a crystal jewelry/perfume designer. With a special emphasis on relationships, I continue to work creating new designs in my Boulder, Colorado store/studio. I credit all my creativity to the Lord Jesus and enjoy sharing my passion of creativity and God with others. My motto, “let the true you shine thru.” -Amy Cooper